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getAll(query, page, perPage) — Method in class com.memamsa.airdb.Modeler
A front-end to findAll method Returns objects of the appropriate Model type
getAttrVal(name, target) — Method in class com.memamsa.airdb.Associator
Get the value for a given attribute for a specific target
getConnection(dbname) — Static method in class com.memamsa.airdb.DB
Obtain and cache a connection to the database.
getMetadata(obj, metadataType, includeSuperClasses) — Static method in class com.memamsa.airdb.Reflector
Gets specific metadata information for the given object, including super classes if specified.
getProperty(name) — Method in class com.memamsa.airdb.Associator
getProperty(name) — Method in class com.memamsa.airdb.Modeler
getSchema(reloadSchema) — Static method in class com.memamsa.airdb.DB
Get and cache the overall database schema.
getTableSchema(name, refresh) — Static method in class com.memamsa.airdb.DB
Get the schema for the specified table.
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