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save() — Method in class com.memamsa.airdb.Modeler
Save the field values in this instance to the database record.
SchemaInfo — Dynamic class in package com.memamsa.airdb
The SchemaInfo model maintains schema version information for all the other models.
SchemaInfo(newrow) — Constructor in class com.memamsa.airdb.SchemaInfo
setAttr(keyvals, target) — Method in class com.memamsa.airdb.Associator
Set attributes on the association.
setProperty(name, value) — Method in class com.memamsa.airdb.Associator
setProperty(name, value) — Method in class com.memamsa.airdb.Modeler
singularize(word) — Static method in class com.memamsa.airdb.Inflector
Gives back the singular version of a plural word
singularRules — Static property in class com.memamsa.airdb.Inflector
sourceForeignKey — Property in class com.memamsa.airdb.Associator
sqlMap(value) — Static method in class com.memamsa.airdb.DB
Map an object to its SQL representation appropriate for queries.
storeName — Property in interface com.memamsa.airdb.IMigratable
Return the table name
storeName — Property in class com.memamsa.airdb.Migrator
Returns the storeName (database table name) corresponding to this Migrator
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