AIR SQLite Object Relational Mapper for ActionScript

 IMigratable IMigratable methods must be implemented by a migratable object.
 Associator The Associator transparently maps schema relationships into object aggregations.
 DB DB constants, helpers and utilities.
 Inflector Word utilities to help map class names to tables and fields.
 Migrator The Migrator accepts schema information for a Modeler sub-class and automatically migrates the database table and column definitions to reflect the schema specified as part of the class definition.
 Modeler The Modeler provides base class functionality for Object Relational Modeling of database tables, fields and operations.
 Reflector Utilities for introspecting class and object metadata through reflection.
 Relater The Relater provides a declarative mechanism to specify associations between Modeler objects.
 SchemaInfo The SchemaInfo model maintains schema version information for all the other models.